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The Cemetery

The Fredericksburg City Cemetery was established in 1844. Today, it continues to tell the story of Fredericksburg’s history.

The cemetery adjoins the Confederate Cemetery on Washington Ave. Visitors are welcome; the cemetery closes at dusk.

Conservation Workshop

Fredericksburg City Cemetery and the University of Mary Washington Department of Historic Preservation present the Cemetery Conservation and Preservation Workshop!

Schedule of Workshop


Tentative August 26-28

Fredericksburg City Cemetery, 1000 Washington Ave, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Each day includes a lunch break to take place roughly between 12:30pm and 2:00pm. Lunch is not provided. Relevant COVID restrictions will be announced before the event. All needed tools will be made available at the beginning of each hands-on session.

Priority will be given to those who pledge to apply their new skills to continued restoration in the Fredericksburg City Cemetery.

Work entails standing and moving around but this can be done to any extent that fits participants’ physical abilities. Comfortable shoes and clothing, a sunhat, sun protection, and sunglasses are recommended. Lawn chairs, non-alcoholic beverages, and coolers are welcome.

For more information and to be added to our mailing list, contact [email protected]

Fee: TBD

About Us

For nearly 180 years, the Fredericksburg Cemetery, also known as the Fredericksburg City Cemetery, has provided a final resting place for many of Fredericksburg’s most notable and influential citizens. The personal stories of these citizens also reflect the story of Fredericksburg. Within this tranquil setting lie former mayors, civic leaders, educators, businessmen, professionals, religious leaders and soldiers.

Familiar names, such as Quinn, Embrey, Wallace, Rowe, Stearns, Heflin, Braxton, Wheeler, Scott, Goolrick and Lacy grace beautifully crafted stone markers and monuments, which often document the accomplishments and achievement of the deceased.

Also lying in repose are those whose names are no longer familiar and whose personal stories have been lost to time.

Collectively, the stories of all the persons interred within the cemetery testify to the enduring nature of Fredericksburg’s illustrious heritage.

The Fredericksburg Cemetery Company, a non-profit corporation, owns and maintains the property and gladly accepts tax-deductible contributions.

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The Fredericksburg City Cemetery Company Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden is a space dedicated entirely to the burial of cremated remains, an economical and environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional burial. In keeping with our desire to promote a natural process, ashes are deposited directly into the ground. Containers are not used. Ashes will be deposited in sequence within the garden’s concentric area.

The one-time fee of $2,000 covers preparation of the burial site within the Memorial Garden, and a bronze plaque on the granite obelisk in the center of the Memorial Garden. The plaque will bear the deceased’s full name, as well as dates of birth and death. Name plates are added to the obelisk in a sequential fashion. The Cemetery Company will work with the family and funeral home to provide an appropriate service and final resting place for your loved one’s remains.

The cemetery occasionally has full or partial burial lots come available for sale. To be added to the wait list for such lots, please send us an email.

Find Graves

All of our known burials are listed on . Use this lot map (also found on our brochure inside the cemetery gate) for help finding specific lots. There are over 2000 headstones and nearly as many unmarked graves.

Note that the sections are numbered from the original gate, 1-6 on the east side running from south to north then 7-12 opposite. Section 1, Lot 1, is comprised of several sections originally bought and merged by the International Order of Odd Fellows, thus its irregular and large size. Four lots in the center were donated to “The four churches” in town at the time.


As with all historic treasures, the Fredericksburg Cemetery requires constant and costly work to preserve its beauty and integrity. Ongoing needs include landscape maintenance, the care and preservation of markers and monuments, and the upkeep of the brick wall. You can help secure the future of the Cemetery by donating here through Paypal. Your contributions are tax-deductible.

Visitors are Welcome

The City Cemetery remains active, hosting a handful of interments each year, but emphasis today is on honoring those interred by preserving and maintaining the monuments, structures and grounds of the cemetery.

When you visit, please keep in mind that an historic cemetery can be dangerous. Do not lean, sit or climb on grave markers.

Grave rubbings are not permitted. Take only photographs, leave only footprints.

Only fresh flowers are allowed between April and October. Artificial arrangements, as well as worn or weathered flags or other ornamentation will be removed.

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Policies and Guidelines

Fredericksburg Cemetery Co., Inc. (City Cemetery)

Policies and Guidelines

Ownership of lots:

1.      The cemetery must be notified of any sale or transfer of burial space

2.      Cemetery lots may be returned to the corporation by donation or purchase.

3.      No person shall sell, assign or otherwise transfer any interest in any lot, or part thereof, without notifying the Cemetery Company in writing.

4.      Any person desiring to dispose of an interest in any lot may sell the

same to the Cemetery Company by presentment of the deed to the Cemetery Co, and shall be entitled to a refund of monies previously paid for the purchase.


1.   All graves are expected to be hand-dug; exceptions must be approved by a board member

2.   Vaults are not required. The corporation discourages their use because of the sensitive nature of necessary equipment disturbing the old graves

3.   All headstones, monuments or markers must be pre-approved by the cemetery board

4.   Multiple burials per lot are permitted

5.   No enclosure of any kind, such as a fence, coping, hedge or ditch, shall be permitted around any grave lot

6.   Grave mounds shall not be allowed and no lot shall be raised above the established grade

7.   No lot or grave shall be covered in whole or in part by sand, gravel, broken stone or other substance which may prevent the free growth of grass


1.      Only fresh flowers are allowed April-October. No glass or breakable containers, no wire which could cause damage to lawn-care equipment. The corporation asks that those who decorate graves also return to remove same

2.      No motor vehicle shall be driven off the main roadways except for the “grass” road (soldiers’ row) across the west side of the cemetery in front of the brick shed

3.      Dogs are allowed as long as they are within the control of the owner/handler. Dog waste must be removed immediately

4.      Existing shrubs may be removed, pruned, etc. at the discretion of the Board

5.      Toys, stuffed animals, solar decorative lights or other objects are not  permitted as grave decorations

6.      Commercial enterprises wanting to use the grounds, must have written permission from the corporation and include proof of liability insurance

7.      State regulations pertaining to cemeteries must be adhered to at all times

8.      The fragile nature of the historic stones is compromised by grave rubbings. No substance other than water may be applied to stones.

9.      Stones may be cleaned by owners or with permission from the Cemetery Co.


(effective April 1, 2021)

opening for full-size casket: $1000

opening for cremains: $500

Single lot (approx. 3×9) $3000 minimum

smaller spaces for cremains or infant pro-rated.

Memorial garden $2,000 inclusive, opening fee (when applicable)

Get In Touch

The Cemetery is open during daylight hours only. Enter through the Confederate Cemetery gate, the City Cemetery is to your left.

Our mailing address is P. O. Box 7643, Fredericksburg, VA 22404

1000 Washington Ave Fredericksburg, VA 22401